Keepsake Travel® Designs – Our Values

We at Keepsake Travel® Designs are excited to help you with your travel. Our goal is to meet your travel needs as fully and efficiently as possible. Success will be a team effort.


I promise to:

  • Design a vacation for you to the best of my professional ability that meets your unique wants and needs as you have described them to me, including comprehensive itinerary design, booking, and project management as needed and agreed upon.

  • Deliver quality experiences that closely align with your unique wants, needs, and budget without compromising the integrity of my brand standards.

  • Deal with everyone on the basis of honesty and integrity. I avoid vendors, suppliers, tour operators, or service providers that I consider undependable or unqualified.

  • Assist you with all reasonable concerns and requests before, during, and after your vacation to the best of my/our abilities.

  • Communicate promptly and resolve all issues to the best of my ability

  • Provide you with all necessary travel documents and your final itinerary 10-14 days before departure, unless otherwise specified.


I look to you to:

  • Inform me of your budget parameters and personal non-negotiables before I begin working on your itinerary, which will allow us to set mutually agreed expectations.

  • Acknowledge emails, phone calls, and text messages promptly and respond as quickly and accurately as possible to my questions as they arise.

  • Review thoroughly the information I give you about your trip to make sure that you are aware of the actions you must take to prepare for your trip, including possessing valid identification, passports, visas, documents, vouchers, complying with TSA & FAA restrictions as well as relevant laws & ordinances of the places you visit.

  • Recognize that many aspects of travel, including weather, airline schedules and Acts of God are beyond my control.

  • Understand your travel insurance policy benefits, limitations, and restrictions. I will assist you in dealing with the insurance company to the extent that I am able to, but your policy is an agreement between you and the insurance company.

  • Contact me as quickly as possible if you are ever dissatisfied for any reason. I will earnestly make every effort to constructively resolve the matter.



In summary, we should trust each other and work together. Teamwork is the key to exceptional travel experiences. We look forward to working with you!

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