5 Surprising Travel Luxuries Where You Can’t Afford to Cut Corners

I love splurging on luxuries just as much as anyone else, but it’s always been important to me to make sure that I’m spending my money on the right luxuries and not wasting it. So, when you’re planning your next vacation, here are my top 5 travel splurges that you just can’t cut corners on.

Walking Shoes

If you’ve walked the cobblestone streets of Europe, you understand that good shoes are not an optional accessory – they’re a necessity! There are many different brands of shoes out there, and each have their own unique features – take time and find the right walking shoe for you – and what a great excuse to splurge on those shoes you’ve been eyeing for a while! Most importantly – wear the shoes before you travel to break them in and to make sure that they’re as comfortable for a whole day as they were in the store – if they’re not comfortable, don’t bring them!

Global Entry

A must for international travel, Global Entry is a membership program that pre-screens you so that when you arrive home at customs, you can skip the lines and paperwork, check in at the kiosks instead, and be on your way. Global Entry also includes TSA PreCheck, allowing you to use PreCheck security lines for both domestic and international flights. You can apply for TSA PreCheck separately for $85 for 5 years, but it’s worth the splurge to spend $100 instead and apply for Global Entry (which includes PreCheck) and keep your shoes on!

Quality Luggage

Overhead bin space is becoming more valuable and harder to find – with the new airline boarding policies, people hoover around the boarding lanes to compete to be the first one on the plane, and to secure the coveted overhead bin space that comes with it. While I still think that you should never buy plane tickets that don’t come with overhead bin space (read the next splurge, my friend), it’s never guaranteed, so splurge on a great carry-on bag that will fit under the seat in front of you so that you are never that person forced to check your carry-on when boarding the plane.

Plane Tickets

Many people think that plane tickets are a great place to save money, and while I’m not saying you need to splurge on first class, you should splurge on good flights and tickets. There are a few things to look at when deciding where to splurge on your plane tickets: layovers, airlines, and luggage. Don’t take a multiple connection layover to save a few dollars – it adds more risk for missed flights, cancellations, and delays. You don’t need to spend double to take non-stop flights, but make sure that you look at the options and pick only what is necessary for your flights. Not all airlines are equal – look at what you need for your flight and choose a reliable airline accordingly. Luggage is where flights can get a little tricky – it used to be a given that you can carry your bag on for free, but with basic economy fares, you won’t have access to overhead bins, flight changes, early boarding, or pre-reserving seats. Trust your travel advisor, and let us help make sure you’re booking the correct flights.

Unique Experiences

Your whole vacation is going to be wonderful and memorable, and research has shown time and time again that the best thing to spend your money on is experiences. So even though your whole trip is something to cross off your bucket list, don’t forget to include a few off the beaten path experiences to make your vacation memorable. Everyone’s idea of a bucket list activity is different, and there are so many different tours and activities available around the world, with conflicting information on every website (Remember the fake restaurant in London?), so use your travel advisor’s insight and let us help you find exactly what you’re looking for, and maybe even offer a few ideas you didn’t know were possible on your vacation.

Everyone looks for different splurges on their vacations - Contact us today and let us know what your dream list looks like!

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