5 Top Travel Trends for 2018

The year ahead looks like a busy year for travelers. Here are our much anticipated annual travel trends – let’s do this, 2018!

  • Multi-generational travel is growing from long weekends to summer vacation, more families are traveling with grandparents and grandkids together. It’s a great opportunity for kids to grow up and spend quality time with siblings, parents, and grandparents and create lasting memories. There are so many pieces to think about when planning a multi-generational vacation – from flights for everyone, to dietary needs, and don’t forget to find activities for all ages! At Keepsake Travel® Designs, we can help coordinate with everyone to take the stress out of vacation planning and help you enjoy the experience. Top tip: Include time together and time apart – everyone needs to rest and rejuvenate so that time together is enjoyable and memorable for the right reasons!

  • Travelers are looking for a more local, authentic experience. More people are ready to escape the tourist traps and take the road less traveled for a more local experience on vacation. Maybe you just want to find a quiet café in Paris or authentic gelato in Italy – or maybe you’re looking for an underground personal tour of a winery from the winemaker himself as he helps you blend your own custom bottle of wine to bring home – your travel advisor at Keepsake Travel® Designs can help you find the right experience to make your vacation exactly what you’re looking for. Top tip: Learn a few phrases in the local language, especially "Hello!" and "Goodbye!"

  • River cruises through Europe are still one of the most popular international travel destinations – and for good reason. Taking a river cruise is a great way to travel through many countries, and you only have to unpack once because your hotel moves with you. One of the new trends for 2018 are themed river cruises, like art cruises, wine cruises, a chance to hear from well-known guest speakers there is something for everyone. Millennial travelers have typically avoided river cruises, but with the newest cruise line – U by Uniworld – they have a special opportunity for younger travelers only that includes painting, wine tasting, mixology classes, a silent disco, and even yoga on board. Top tip: There are so many different cruise lines and cruises, don’t assume they’re all the same – call a travel agent who can help sort through the differences, understand what you’re looking for, and help you find the right match for you!

  • There are more Culinary travel options now than ever before. More people are thinking about the types and quality of food they eat in 2018, leading to more tours and activities around culinary experiences. Travelers have always been interesting in culinary activities, like a cooking class, but in 2018 travel can include more about the history of the food, hands-on classes, and integrating local traditions into the food. There are culinary adventures around the world, but one of the most requested culinary tours is Italy – you can stay in a farmhouse, help with the shopping in the market, explore the cities, enjoy the wine, and then help cook every day in hands-on cooking classes. Top tip: Don’t forget the drinks! So much of culinary travel focuses on the food, which is excellent, but there are some amazing experiences you can add to your vacation to learn about the drinks of the region you’re visiting like crushing grapes in to wine in Italy, touring the champagne cellars in France, or learning about craft beer in Germany.

  • More people are using vacation time – even if it means bringing work with you, although fewer people are doing that too. While some travelers want to bring work along, they only expect to spend a small percentage of their vacation time checking in with an employer (around 10%). Maybe you’re not ready to completely unplug on your vacation – but don’t plan around wi-fi and workspaces either, you’re on vacation to enjoy a vacation – not give up your vacation time by working from vacation. Top tip: Plan your vacations around work holidays to maximize vacation time If you have a 4 day weekend already, you can get a 9-day vacation with only 3 days off from work, and you won’t feel like you’re missing as much from the office if everyone else is out for most of the time too – win-win!

Which of the travel trends speak to you? We'd love to help you explore your passions and get out and explore the world in 2018!

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