Kim’s Quick Tips To Master Souvenir Shopping

The world of souvenirs is vast no matter where you go and there are a million tchotchkes to choose from. Photos are one of my favorite souvenirs, but if you want something tangible, there are still more choices than will fit in your suitcase – and sometimes the best souvenirs are the least expensive ones.

We’ve brought back some amazing souvenirs from our past trips – and some not so great ones too. How do you decide what souvenirs are worth the valuable space you have in your suitcase?

One of my favorite souvenirs that I use all the time is my collection of tea mugs. I have a mug from The Royal Hawaiian from when we got married, fun Disney mugs, and quirky mugs, like an adorable sad face mug my mom brought back from Europe. We celebrated our wedding anniversary earlier this week, so I went on a hunt through the house to find what souvenirs I saved from our beach wedding in Hawaii. Here’s a photo of what I found: napkins, coasters, and mugs to go with them! I use these mugs all the time for my morning tea – definitely a great souvenir!

My son just started his first souvenir collection with flattened pennies. Costing a whopping 51 cents, he now looks for penny machines when he travels and can tell you all about where he got each penny. He keeps them in a little book he got at Legoland California and calls them his awesome pennies.

My all-time favorite travel souvenir is a Christmas ornament. I love Christmas ornaments as souvenirs for so many reasons – they are small, easy to pack, inexpensive, represent your destination well, and you look at them every year.

Our family tradition is to get at least one new ornament for our family every year to commemorate something that happened that year. When we travel, we definitely get an ornament from wherever we go. We have a personalized bride and groom from our wedding in Hawaii, a Santa starfish from San Diego, a few Disney ornaments, a double decker bus from London, and more. All of our fragile ornaments were on the top of the tree last year – with stuffed ones on the bottom, but hopefully soon we’ll be able to fill the tree with ornaments full of great memories.

By getting a Christmas ornament to remember your vacation, you automatically know what you’re looking for when you travel – making souvenir shopping easy. You also are getting a family souvenir – sure the kids might want another souvenir for just themselves, but by getting a family ornament, everyone is picking out a family souvenir together that will always represent great memories together.

I’d love to hear from you! What are your favorite souvenirs to bring home? What have you brought home that you really didn’t need to keep?

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