A Photo is Worth 1,000 Words… But Now What?

You had a great vacation, took tons of photos, and now you’re home. So now what? What do you do with a thousand digital photos? You want to find the best way to commemorate those photos of your kids, the beach, the buildings, and maybe even a few shots of food here and there.

Photo Books One of my favorite things to do is print photo books with our vacation photos similar to a scrapbook. I’ve made one for our wedding/honeymoon, a trip to Disneyland, Legoland, and more. Photo books are such a nice way to remember your great vacation. I like letting my kids help dictate what we write on each page too so that the book reflects their memories of the vacation. My favorite part about photo books is that you can get as many printed as you want without any extra effort so you can order more books and share them with everyone.

Make Coasters If you have a few favorite photos that you want to remember you can make them in to coasters and use them every day! You can make your own coasters by having the photos printed, cut them square, and use mod podge to attach them to tiles. I like to put thin cork board on the back of the coasters and seal the front with an outdoor waterproof sealant so they are water resistant – let them dry for a day or two and they’re ready to go! If you’re not feeling crafty, you can order custom coasters online. I like ordering through Shutterfly because you can get a different photo on each coaster.

Print Books If making a custom scrapbook photo book sounds like too much, you can just add all your photos and order a bound book with all your photos in it. You could order something like Groovebook where you can tear out the photos that you want to frame straight from the book and keep the rest in an organized little book, easy to store and look through to remember your trip!

Digital Frame Maybe you want to be able to look through your photos, but aren’t into printing them or making them into a book? If this sounds like you, consider an electronic photo frame. You can set your photo frame up to rotate through all your photos – so your frame will sit on the shelf and look like a regular frame, but will scroll through all your photos at the speed that you set. It would be so much fun to see a different photo each time you walk by to remember your vacation by!

Gallery Wall This is on my to do list – get a bunch of frames in varying (but typical) sizes and hang them in a cluster on one wall in your house. You can take the prints from your vacations and rotate them through the gallery frames. I already collected my frames and I just need to hang them up – I already have the photos ready to go too!

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