Would you Sit in the Middle Seat?

When you book your flights, which seat do you pick? Are you a window person or an aisle fan? Just hope that you don’t get stuck in – gasp – the dreaded middle seat. Etiquette experts say that the person in the middle seat gets both armrests; the window seat gets the window and the far armrest, while the aisle seat gets the aisle armrest and the aisle, leaving both inside armrests to the middle seat. What do you think, is that true?

How bad is the middle seat, really? A study from 3M shows that people would rather go to than dentist than sit in the middle seat. In fact, 56 percent of Americans would rather get stuck in traffic than take a dreaded middle seat. Even more shocking is that a whopping 50 percent of people would take an aisle seat on the next flight, and 20 percent said they would even stay overnight and take the flight tomorrow just to get that coveted aisle seat.

If you get stuck in the middle seat, here are a few tips to make your flight more bearable:

Stay entertained. Bring your books, crossword puzzles, ipad, headphones, and whatever else you need to make the flight pass as quickly as possible. Keep them all in your small (see below) carry-on bag under the seat so that you can access them easily whenever you need them without bothering other passengers.

Bring a pillow. One of the woes of the middle seat is that there’s nowhere to rest your head, but problem solved if you pack your own neck pillow! Don’t rely on the airline to provide a pillow, they don’t have enough for the whole flight and you don’t know if you’ll be able to get one or not.

Pack your luggage well. If possible, consider checking your bags, or put as much of your as you can in the overhead bin. Even though the under seat space doesn’t add that much space, being able to stretch out without relying on your neighbors to get up for you could save your mid-flight sanity.

What are your best tips for surviving the dreaded middle seat on an airplane?


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