Everything Is Awesome At The Legoland Hotel

My family loves everything Lego. We have annual passes to Legoland California in Carlsbad, so last weekend my family and I decided to head down and spend the weekend at the Legoland Hotel. My kids had such an amazing time at the hotel that they didn’t want to leave the hotel to go to the amusement park each morning. My son was so impressed with the hotel room, and his favorite thing to do was point out each new “surprise” as he saw one – and I felt the same way. The Legoland Hotel is one of the most family friendly hotels we have ever stayed at – and the family friendly features and amenities continued to surprise me even after we checked out.

The Legoland Hotel has 4 different themes to choose between when booking your room: Kingdom, Adventure, Pirate, and Lego Friends. It wasn’t much of a debate in our house – we booked a Pirate themed room.

We stayed in a Fully Themed room, which is a basic room with more decorations (we really are big Lego fans). The room was amazing – there were pirate curtains hiding Lego pirates on the walls – even the furniture was pirate themed. There were Lego models all over the room – from a skull and crossbones on the wall, to a ladybug on the bathroom door, and even a spider on the bathroom ceiling.

We were surprised at how much space the room had – the kids had their own section in the room with three twin beds (bunk beds and a trundle bed) separated from the adult area by a small hallway and the bathroom. I love being able to give the kids their own space! The kids’ area had its own TV limited to kid channels and also included unlimited kids shows on demand. They also had a box of Legos in the room for the kids (and adults!) to borrow during our stay in the room. We had a great time building different things with the Legos! There was also a spinning game in the wall that entertained everyone much longer than I would have thought it should. Just for more fun – the room also had two peepholes, one at eye level, and one about 3 feet off the floor with a sign reading “For Kids Only!”

One of my son’s favorite things was the Treasure Hunt. When we checked in to the hotel they gave us a paper with 4 things to find and count throughout the hotel to get the combination to the treasure chest in the room. It didn’t take him very long and he was back upstairs in the room and thrilled to find Legos inside the treasure chest for him to keep and take home.

I had definitely thought about family friendly room amenities before, but the Legoland hotel had more amenities geared towards kids than I even thought we would need. Some of my favorite kid-friendly room features include:

  • A pack n’ play in the room without even asking

  • Kid’s TV restricted to kid channels and an adult TV with a ton of channels – both TV’s with unlimited shows and movies on demand

  • Night lights built into the wall in the kid’s area

  • Free juice and bottled water – we have to mix special formula for Caroline, so free bottled water was a great benefit for us!

  • An open closet with shelves (no hiding in the closet or doors to slam)

  • A bathtub with an adjustable hand sprayer for bathing kids

  • Step stool to reach the bathroom counter

  • A kids potty seat built into the toilet

  • Limited furniture corners around the room which means limited head bumping opportunities

  • Well-placed electrical outlets, away from little exploring fingers, but right where we needed them to plug things in at night

  • A fridge included in every room – it’s small, but it’s there and it kept things cold for us

  • A top door lock to make sure kids can’t escape if they wake up in the middle of the night

  • Family rooms are available if you need more space!

If you make it out of your hotel room, the rest of the hotel has so many play options for kids they really won’t want to leave the hotel to go to the amusement park. There is a large castle and ship play area with a café for adults to enjoy while watching the kids. There is also a Lego pit in the lobby – imagine a ball pit, but filled with Lego pieces. Did I mention the hotel has a Disco elevator? After the elevator doors close, the disco lights start flashing and the music starts; adults and kids alike were all dancing every time we went up or downstairs. The hotel is so filled with surprises, and I would hate to give them all away!

The hotel has nightly activities and entertainment for the kids to choose from including a movie by the pool, interactive story time, magic shows, and Lego building competitions. One of my favorite activities was the Jester’s Dance Party that had disco laser lights and upbeat kid-safe music for adults to enjoy too. We took our kids to the dance party, watched them wear themselves out completely (I had NO idea my 3 year old could break dance!), and then brought them back to the room and they fell right asleep.

Every stay includes Free Breakfast at Bricks, the buffet restaurant in the hotel. Since the restaurant gets crowded in the morning, they give out cards with hour slots to make sure they can accommodate everyone. The hour slots are first come, first serve, so if you want to eat at a specific time, get there early enough to ask for the time slot you’d prefer. Hotel guests also get early access to Legoland through a special entrance. We got in at 9am and had early access to 6 different rides before the park opened at 10am. The first morning we had no lines during our early hour and were able to ride everything we wanted, and the second morning we waited in longer lines and didn’t have time to finish before the park opened.

After we checked out (and went to the park for a few more rides) we headed to the valet to pick up our car and my son felt pretty sad about leaving. An amazing front desk employee gave my son a key card inside of a key room envelope that he got to write his name on and take home as his special souvenir to save for his next visit to the hotel. This small token averted his meltdown and helped him feel excited about the vacation he already had and taking his own souvenir home.

I know there are many more family friendly amenities than I’ve already mentioned above. What family friendly amenities do you look for in a hotel? Contact me to help you find your perfect family-friendly resort!

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